The future of fashion is here.

Digital Fashion Framework (DFF) is a female-led digital studio building immersive fashion, entertainment and gaming futures using Web/AR/VR/NFTs. We believe in the power of immersive technologies enabling a democratic, inclusive and more sustainable era in fashion consumption. We are driven by our ethos to empower a global creator community to take charge of their virtual self-expression.

The immersive (AR/VR) market is about to become mainstream.  It is set to grow from $46billion today, to $1.5 trillion by 2030. Much of this growth will be driven by our target Gen-Z audience who will make up over 30% of the global workforce within the next ten years. They are extremely socially & eco conscious and are also digital natives, they don’t tend to distinguish between the physical and digital world at all, which is totally different to the generations before them.  82% of Gen-Z say they want to consume immersive products & experiences. They want more control over how they express themselves virtually.

However, there are currently no easy-to-use, interactive tools on the market for brands and consumers to create and wear digital outfits. We see this as a huge barrier to the future of fashion consumption which needs to be addressed.  It also presents a significant opportunity for DFF to develop and grow our platform in this space.

DFF is currently developing a Direct To Avatar (D2A) design platform, GN3RA Skin Studio. GN3RA is going to empower Gen-Z creators worldwide, supporting a more democratic and inclusive era in the creative industries. Our mission is to enable a global audience to create, wear and trade virtual fashion, by accessible and decentralized solutions. We are dedicated to promote the use of digital outfits instead of the physical, and how can it affect overconsumption, to drive positive environmental change.

We are proud to stand by our ethos - a future where tools are:
1. accessible, easy-to-use and intuitive
2. democratic and decentralized
3. limitless and playful.

Let`s build together the future of virtual self-expression!