Let's shape together the industry of tomorrow, today!

Digital Fashion Framework is a cross-realm innovation lab, working with an exploratory approach to digital services in fashion and experience design, using immersive and multisensory technology combined with scientific research.

Bespoke Virtual Content

Our system offers a number of digital options to create and implement digital content within the frameworks of your business tailored to your needs. Our key values: Accesibility, speed, transparency, and easy communication.

Courses and Idea Workshops

"> We invite fashion businesses, designers, individuals to join the digital revolution, to establish your digital work processes or boost your creative journey through new methods, ideation, experimentation.

Book a discussion with us, and we will find the most effective way to upskill your business!

Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications

Connecting retail units with digital solutions, we provide innovative experiences, paving the way to more sustainable forms of fashion consumption.

If you are interested in integrating our real-time VR and AR experiences, drop us a message.

Have a look at our upcoming launch of our exciting immersive pilot programme in Denmark. On 12th December, you will be able to access our new 3D campaigns, interactive games and AR content.



Accessibility, inclusivity and diversity has never been more at the core of the fashion industry. Our female-led innovation studio works with a diverse range of 3D professionals, asks the question:
'What can we do today, to improve the fashion industry of tomorrow?'
Digital Fashion Framework combines digital content creation and adoption through immersive solutions with business support, to assist and upskill SMEs and their audience. Preparing them for a new era of fashion consumption. Our values drive our actions: reducing overproduction and overconsumption by emphasizing the adoption of digital tools in product development and merchandise.